Cigar Rollers and Cigar Feature Events in 30 cities with No Travel Costs,

Cigar Roller Events
Cigar Rollers, Imported Cigars, Custom Cigar Bands, Cigar Servers, Full Time Dedicated Event Planning


Cigar Roller events planned and coordinated in 30 cities with  full time events personnel allocated to just cigar feature related events. We are the events section dedicated to promote the CF Dominicana premium brand of cigars, we do not make any commission as our agenda is not sales from events rather, our objective is to introduce the CF brand to your guests through a fun experience combining cigar rollers, custom cigar labels, cigar servers and CF Dominicana Premium Cigars.  All licensing is in place to legally provide cigars for your event and CF Dominicana is the most innovative and only cigar brand to unintentionally transform the entire event industry in creating a category of cigar rollers for events that never existed.

CF Dominicana Cigars are imported from the Dominican Republic, like all serious brands, we are on store shelves and now going into our 17th year with our innovative cigar roller events.

Cigar Rolling and other cigar features are coordinated with a Public Relations agenda rather than the typical sales agenda to ensure that we are on your side as a partner to make your event successful. We want exposure to potential new followers of the brand at your event and you get an experience that will make you the star long after the party is over.

Cigar Rollers and cigar featured events are available in Miami, Los Angeles, NYC, DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Milwaukee, Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Palm Beach, Edmonton Canada, Toronto Canada and San Francisco


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