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Cigar Rollers No Travel Costs in 26 Cities

Cigar Rollers are available for demonstration as well as Cigar Servers and Custom Designed cigar bands created specifically for your event. There are no travel costs in the cities that we service ( now 26) with event planners that will. create a suggested package of Cigar Rollerfeatures that best fit your Big Event. Prices range from an avg. of 300.00 for Custom Orders to 1200.00 for cigar rolling demonstrations with various features.

We are a brand and as such, have a higher level of accountability to ensure that your event along with our brand has nothing but success. WE are not a "store" that coordinates these cigar rolling features as a "side job" rather, all events are coordinated with attention to details for the planners who often know nothing about cigars. There is no commission or "sales agenda" as the planners have a promotional agenda to get the brand enjoyed by potential new clients, whether the guest list is 10 or 1000.

Cigar Rollers for this event season are now in full swing and reserving your date should be on the top of your to-do list.

Cigar Roller events, Custom Cigar Bands along with our premium Cigars are the best combination for success at your affair.


Los Angeles Cigar Rollers, Boston Cigar Rollers, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco  are the newest additions to our list with Las Vegas Cigar Rollers and San Francisco added just last month.

Cigar Rollers booked for Events will also receive a Box of 20 SoHo Cigars as our Cigar Roller Spring Giveaway, 20 Cigars added free of charge


Cigar Rollers for events with CF Dominicana Cigars for the party season are just around the corner and to celebrate the festive time of year we are announcing our Cigar Rollers FREE 2012 Giveaway. With every event, we will include a box of 20, CF Dominicana SoHo cigars just for you and absolutely free for events when you request the "CF Cigar Giveaway". These classic robustos are 5.5 x 50r with Golden Brown Connecticut Shade Broadleaf surrounding Grade 1, Dominican Ligero filler blend are the most popular of our cigar models.

Cigar Rollers, Custom Cigar Bands Cigar Servers and the CF Dominicana Premium Brand of Cigars will all be brought together to give you the special memory you are looking for so reserving your date now that the event season is here should be top priority.

Cigar Rollers Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, Palm Beach, New York, Boston, Chicago and Las Vegas make it possible for you to have one of the most impressive features your guests will ever see, for an Upscale event, the cigar rolling feature is a must.

Cigar Rollers

Cigar Roller events are planned for PGA Golf Cigar Roller outings, Wedding and Corporate events and trade shows with our own event planners - they are not salespeople - rather their objective is to make certain that you don't make mistakes when you plan. Many of our inquiries are typically the "gift givers" and are planning the cigar roller for the cigar aficionado in their life yet, they often don't know anything about cigars which can get them in trouble, especially on the Internet. Most sites are not real companies and there are no other brands other than CF Dominicana that offers this unique feature, also known as Cigar Catering®.Cigar Roller iamge

Cigar Rollers coordinated by "CF" always make a great presentation, are on time and the cigars are premium "Grade 1" quality. This means that they are worthy of being sold in retail cigar stores and not cheap cigars often found in Los Angeles or Miami.

Custom Cigar Bands are designed also free of charge and attached to each of your cigars and this feature makes it possible for you to simply go with cigars without the cigar roller for your event. This option is popular for smaller cigar parties and goes easier on the budget for more casual affairs or a backyard get together. The cigar bands are designed by our own in house designers, the are included free with every cigar purchase (event 4 packs) and make a great presentation that commemorates the event with anything that you would like to express in full color.

CF Dominicana is a boutique brand and soon will have national distribution but on the way to that national presence, the same cigars sold in stores are available to be rolled right in front of your eyes!

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New Jersey, South Beach, Long Island, Boston, Phoenix, Detroit, Washington DC, Atlanta, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Tampa, San Diego, Dallas, Charlotte


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Cigar Rollers


Cigar Rollers, new cities for events

Cigar Rollers - Cigar Rollers

Last Updated on Thursday, 01 November 2012 11:29Written by Cigar Rollers

Cigar Rollers for events are just the beginning. Cigar Servers will add the compliment of a lady roaming the party just like the 20's themed Speakeasys from the Prohibition era. The cigar trays serve the cigars that are being rolled at the event along with any other cigars you have added. The added custom cigar bands reminds everyone the reason they are celebrating and perfect for wedding favors.

Custom Cigar Bands can be designed to be very outstanding or understated. The understated cigar bands are initials or monograms and perfect fort the Bride that wants the simple look.

Cigar Rollers with no travel costs are now available in Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles, Cigar Houston, Vegas, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Tampa, San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington DC and Palm Beach, FL.

Cigar Rollers

Cigar Rollers and Cigars make the combination for the event that is no longer restricted to just men rather, women have now become the largest clientelle for Cigar Catering since was started.

The premium cigars that the brand boasts are all Dominican and the cigars rolled at the event are the same cigars that are sold in stores making the cigar aficionados at the event quite happy.

CF Dominicana is the cigar company that creates this cigar rolling feature and will plan the best ways to use this cool idea at your event. Although bnetter suited for larger guest lists, the cigar rollers make the righ impression for your guests.

Pricing should range anywhere in the $1,000.00 area. Your event will be custom quoted so there is no waste and there will always be premium cigars, cheap cigars are not sold here. If your guest count is 100 to 300 people, then 2 hours will work best.

Contact us at the number above for any questions or to inquire about any of our other features like custom cigar bands, cigar servers that will serve cigars and of course, the cigar rollers for your event.


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