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CF Dominicana cigars is a premium cigar brand and offered nationally. 
Cigar Catering® is a service mark owned by CF Dominicana cigars and used to describe cigar rollers for events planned by and provided by CF Dominicana cigars.

Tobacco used for CF Dominicana is directly imported from the Dominican Republic and no other tobacco from any other country is used in the filler which makes the blend for CF Dominicana cigars and is exclusive to the CF cigar brand.

Connecticut shade broadleaf cigar wrapper along with a combination ofSeco and Ligero filler with Ligero is being the dominant leaf makes the recipe for the Soho, Tribeca, 5th Ave model cigars. Cigars presented at events are 50 gauge or more to ensure a mild to medium bodied flavor with a cool, smoking temperature in the draw.

Maduro leaf wrapper is from Ecuador with full flavored overtones preferred by long time cigar lovers. The full-bodied flavor of the maduro -- Dominican combination is featured in the St. Mark's, Chelsea and the Bull cigar models.

Flavored cigars are also featured and created in a unique way not available with any other cigar brand. Natural extracts are used in keyword along with the Dominican filler. The unique feature to the Gourmet Cigars is that they are wrapped in Connecticut shade which is uncommon for flavored cigars and shunned by other brands as these cigars take more time to create.

CF Dominicana cigars are available through upscale tobacco retailers and through its family of websites. The company is popular for the cigar rollers and cigar servers which present the brand with the objective of exposure to potential new clients. The same product is rolled events as is available to retail stores.

All content within this website and the other sites owned by CF Dominicana cigars is copyright and property of CF Dominicana cigars and may not be reproduced or used by any other entity. All rights reserved.

Graphics and artwork designed for custom cigar bands is the property of CF Dominicana cigars. Custom cigar bands are created free through the company's in-house graphics department to create a personal addition to our client’s cigar lifestyle. All images used on our websites are property of CF Dominicana cigars and may not be used by any other entity.

Events are coordinated and planned for which CF Dominicana event planners. Cancellations for events will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for any refund requests. CF Dominicana cigars reserves the right not to refund deposits but will consider each request on an individual basis. Dates for events are reserved in good faith and as a result other inquiries are typically turned away as dates with deposits are considered “reserved”.

Press material can be requested along with high res photos and B-roll for feature articles. Permission for press photos at actual events can be obtained through written request.


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