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Cigar Roller Miami

Cigar Rollers coordinated by CF Dominicana's event department are now the hot item for Miami events. 5-Star Shorefront Miami Beach Hotel Locations including the Ritz Carlton, Grove Isle Hotel, Trump, The Palms, Mondrian A Morgans, Hilton, Gansevoort, Sagamore, The Betsey, JW Marriott, The Tides, Delano, Hotel Beaux Arts, Fontainebleau, Shore Club, EPIC, Mandarin Oriental, Loews, Turnberry Isle, Mar-A-Lago and One Bal Harbour have all relationships with CF Dominicana Cigars Cigar Rollers for their A-List guests.

Cigar Roller Miami


News FOR MIAMI - Cigar Rollers are now A BUYER BEWARE SITUATION at most events however, the Miami market has only one brand that provides Cigar Rollers for events, CF Dominicana Cigars.

Cigar Rollers Miami

Cigar Roller, Miami Events - Tips You Need to Know and the "CF" Free Box of 20 Special



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This is important as the quality of the cigars is a paramount issue when having a cigar roller Cigar Rollers Miami Imageevent. Remember, the guests you are planning for KNOW ABOUT CIGARS even if YOU DON'T. Unprofessional event planners all too often make the mistake of going with the cheapest price for the Cigar Rollerfeature and completely ignore the quality of product. This amateurish approach always brings a negative finger pointing back to the event planners. "Little Cuba" IN MIAMI IS HOME to the biggest frauds in the cigar roller service as they prey upon non-suspecting, American event planners and deliver poor presentation, poor cigars and ultimately a poor experience for their guests.

Cigar Roller prices for CF Dominicana's Cigar Catering® event packages should be between 700.00 an up for the Miami hotels and locations listed above. Your quote should reflect your guest's lifestyles to include the right selection of cigars to present whether Connecticut Shade, Maduro with Churchill, Torpedo and Robusto sizes all selected for the smoking time to fit your party timelines perfectly.

Cigar Rollers from "CF" are all people that you would like to have at your event. Beware of "Little Cuba" cigar shops claiming to offer these features. They typically neglect, etiquette, have no people skills, have no accountability or name brand to be concerned of so, often they don't show up or, they will show up late which is the most common complaint among Miami Event Planners. Finally, you discover that you were NOT looking for just a cigar roller, but one that speaks English, is personable, warm, can interact with guests, HAS ETIQUETTE - YOU WERE LOOKING FOR AN ENTERTAINER THAT ROLLS QUALITY, PREMIUM CIGARS.

Cigar Rollers Miami - important information you need to know

Cigar Rolling and cigar rollers are plentiful in Miami however, be on guard as it is a "buyer beware" climate. Stay away from anyone charging in the 500.00 area for an event with cigars as the following issues will arise and hurt your event and your good intentions. The information below is from our professional event planning clients that are ISES and MPI affiliated so the advice is from qualified experience;

  • Cheap prices bring cheap cigars, stay away from 500.00 cigar roller packages" - You may not know anything about cigars but your affluent guests do. You would not bring a cheap bottle of wine to a dinner party so don;t make the classic mistake of focusing on the cigar roller and forget about the cigars. The average premium, Dominican robusto or chuchill cigar in any respectable tobacco store should range between 5.00 and 12.00. If the event package pricing you are getting is in the 500.00 area, you will get cheap cigars and an unenthusiastic cigar roller that doesn't care about your event. Although this may not matter to you because of budget restrictions, we suggest NOT to go with a cigar roller at this price rather, think of your affluent guests and invest in quality brand name cigars for presentation only. The most common trick by Miami Cigar Rollers is using "short filler" (small pieces of tobacco that should be discarded) in the center of your guest's cigars, in other words, "cigar garbage". CF Dominicana Cigars are all premium, sold in stores and use "Grade 1" tobacco and wrapper leaves as all premium brands.
  • Cigar Rollers must provide references before you book - Any reputable entity claiming they provide cigar rollers should provide references and your should demand it. Feedback from our event planner clients have told of situations where the roller wore jeans, did not display proper etiquette, had no social skills or was just plain rude which alienates your guests.
  • Cigar rollers should Speak English well - This is the the most overlooked part of the decision making process by experienced event planners. The purpose of the cigar roller feature is to give your guests something interesting that they most likely have not experienced before. Event women ask the most questions at cigar rolling events and it is a let down when the cigar roller can not answer guests or speak English. Thus, the Cigar Roller has no interaction with guests, will keep his head down and remain "detached" from the crowd making which creates a huge disappointment.

  • Make sure the Cigar Roller entity you are paying is the entity that is responsible for your event. Ask for documentation from everyone. There are entertainment brokers out there that will book anything from clowns to DJ's, limousines, chair rental and so on. DO NOT USE AN ENTERTAINMENT BROKER TO BOOK YOUR CIGAR ROLLER. The entertainment brokers are NOT QUALIFIED to even speak about cigars and their industry is commission driven meaning, they know just as much as you do or less. Their decision making is typically based on the biggest "mark up" they can get which results in the lowest quality of performance from the cigar roller and unacceptable product for your guests. Further, if there is an issue arising from the service, these brokers will run away and claim they they "sub-contracted" you roller and are not responsible. The solution is to hire the company that is solely responsible for the cigars, cigar rollers and all planning. CF Dominicana Cigars has an Events Department solely for direct contact with you and will be involved with your planning though the day of the big event.

We have more information and tips for you so simply call and we will create a cigar rolling feature that will work best and suggest NOT to go with a cigar roller if your event does not require it.

Unlike anyone that claims to offer Cigar Rollers in Miami, CF Dominicana provides Cigar Catering for promotional reasons. We have a Public Relations agenda and we have NO SALESPEOPLE rather, we are merely happy to have the opportunity to expose our premium brand to your guests in the hopes that they too will be customers of CF Dominicana cigars long after your party is over.


Cigar Roller, Phone