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Cigar Rollers New York

Cigar Roller Events in New York City

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Cigar Roller events will create cigars with Custom Cigar Bands along with event planners will guide you to the right choices event if you don't know anything about cigars. Locations such as Cipriani, Sky Studios, Hudson Hotel have been some of the best events we have created and the rooftop penthouses make great locations for the events.

Cigar Rollers New York, NY - NYC events now available in Manhattan and throughout Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island and New Jersey.

Cigar Roller events booked will receive a free box of 20 SoHo Cigars.

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Cigar Rollers


Guest lists of 400 or more may need additional planning so contact us and let us know of any concerns you may have.

The CF Dominicana brand of cigars are rolled on location. The same tobacco quality that is used for our box sales are rolled at the event. The level of quality is "brand level" in other words, brand quality cigars are simply not available on a local level anywhere.

The cigars are premium and mild and are not laced with Nicaraguan, Peru or other less desirable tobacco often found when purchasing other than brand names.

We will help plan your event properly to include the Cigar Rollers in the best way so your NYC guests, whether cigar aficionados or not, will have the best experience and will remember your evening long after the party's over.


Cigar Roller, Phone