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Cigar Roller for PGA Golf events - Free Box of 20 Giveaway

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Cigar Rollers Golf Outings

Cigar Rollers booked at any PGA Golf Resort will be discounted 100.00 off the total package or get a free box of 20 Soho cigars.

PGA Golf Resorts are now discounted by 100.00 or enjoy a free box of cigars on us.


New York to LA, CF Dominicana cigars are rolled right at the event and these are the same cigars sold in stores with no sacrifice to quality. Only Grade 1 Connecticut shade Broadleaf is rolled at the events and your cigar roller will be equipped with your own personalized cigar bands designed free as has been since the company started.

Custom cigar bands are an interesting thing as the cigar roller places them on the cigar itself.  The bands are designed in any color which makes brides very happy as they match their wedding dresses or decor color.

Cigar roller, entertainment is here to stay and has become a staple at all upscale events.

Contact us and we will guide you as to the best ways that the cigar roller entertaining your event.

Cigar Roller events for serviced cities;

Cigar Roller, Phone