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Cigar Rollers Pricing

Pricing - Cigar Rollers

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CIGAR ROLLER - Cigar rollers reside in the cities we service, there are no travel costs. Also, our rollers are suitable for upscale events and will contribute to the success of your special day. CF Dominicana takes great care in personally selecting our Cigar Catering rollers. 2 hours of cigar rolling works best for up to 350 guests. Your guests will have enough time to enjoy watching how cigars are created while allowing the roller to go slow enough to answer questions and interact with your guests. In cities where our rollers do not speak English, a host will also be included at no extra charge.

CUSTOM CIGAR BANDS - FREE DESIGN NOW! We have GRAPHICS DESIGNERS that create your custom monogram cigar bands using Photoshop software. We do not use outside vendors. You can have your design created now at no charge to view from your computer! Our in-house graphics are either professional or students from the School of Visual Arts. Your personal cigar bands send the entire presentation "over the top".

CF DOMINICANA CIGARS. Our demonstration shows how our "Soho" Cigars are created while your guests look on. (Pre-rolled cigars would be necessary so your guests can smoke at your event) You can also purchase a "4-pack" to sample and we will credit your purchase when you book your event.

*Cigar Rollers pricing is custom quoted for each event. Typically, packages run from 775.00 to 975.00 or more depending an other variables (guest list, date, quantity of cigars, etc.) - we will give you a custom quote specifically for your event.

Contact us through our contact page to get a quote generated or, if you have quick questions, contact us by phone and we will move you forward.


Cigar Roller, Phone