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Cigar Rolling by CF Dominicana Cigars

Cigar Rolling

Cigar Rolling - Cigar Rolling

CF Dominicana has new cities providing Cigar Rolling events that are brought to life with Authentic Cigar rollers available for your next big bash.

Cigar Rolling has been a part of the Latin culture for many years. Cigars and tobacco have been the main export from countries like the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Ecuador.

Rolling Cigars is a craft that has been has been appreciated by the countries that consume them.

The United States is the largest consumer of premium cigars in the World. Americans love cigars and the craft of rolling cigars is appreciated by these aficionados more than ever as cigar roller events are popping up everywhere.

Cigar rolling for events were brought to the mainstream US market by CF Dominicana Cigars which is an American premium cigar brand. The cigar rolling feature is a marketing mechanism planned via the company to provide cigar rolling demonstrations live at upscale events.

Guests smoke the cigars at the events while conversation and atmosphere surrounding the history of cigar making, and then the company generates new customers for their shelf sales.

Cigar Makers are typically from the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Cigars have been imported from the Dominican Republic for sales in the States through many states, the biggest of which is Miami which has also been home to the vast Cuban American population that supplies most of the cigar rolling talent.

Cigar Roller, Phone