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Cigar Rollers - District of Columbia

New venues for the DC with "CF" Cigar Rollers are added including the Gaylord Hotel. National Harbor along with locations in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Baltimore have also been added.The cigar rolling feature is just part of the overall experience offered with Cigar Catering ®. Cigar servers or waitresses are typically added not only for the visual effect but to bring the cigars out the guests rather than having an approach cigar roller's table, this is especially useful for events with a large area to cover.

Cigar Rollers in Washington, DC were just the start for CF Dominicana's Cigar Catering ®. The Union Station area was frequent for Cigar Rollers DC Gaithersburg Delaware Virginaupscale

Events including locations such as the Ritz-Carlton. The JW Marriott quickly followed along with other five-star hotels as the demand for Authentic Cigar Rollers grew form their corporate and consumer clients.

The cigars presented each event are the same cigars that are sold in stores. They are of pure premium Dominican quality and brand boasts Connecticut shade broadleaf wrapper for mild to medium bodied cigar is perfect for most events.

Cigar Roller DCCigar Rollers DC

The way to get a custom quote for your event along with the right suggestions that will make the feature work is to get the contact form (above) filled out and submitted. CF's event planners will take in all the information including date, amount of guests, type of event, location and the overall demographic of your guest list to create the right experience for you, even if you don't know a thing about cigars.

Cigar Catering ® is performed for promotional purposes by the company and no one is a salesperson. This is why the International Special Event Society (ISES) as well as Meetings and Planners International (MPI) are frequent clients nationally. Unlike conventional vendor was looking to create revenue, CF Dominicana and it's events Department has the strict objective to simply getting the cigars consumed while guests enjoy unique and interactive experience with the cigar rollers.

Cigar rollers are not often seen a few have witnessed the cigar being rolled right in front of them. The visual uniqueness along with the premium product makes for a great combination for upscale events.

Further, being a CF Dominicana as brand name, professional event planners in Washington as well as the rest of the country, have gained a strong confidence and comfort level knowing that the representatives are not salespeople.

The contact form to get a well thought out quote and perhaps some extra added features that will meet your cigar rolling feature a success for your event, we look forward to hearing from you.